My First Ever Program

Sometime in the '90s I started to learn to program with BASIC on a VTech laptop. I quickly got bored of all the other games on it and started an obsession with trying to program with it instead.

Luckily it came with a manual on how to write BASIC with it. I recently rediscovered this manual and found what I believe is the first program I ever wrote inside.

First Program

With the bugs fixed and code cleaned up...

10 PRINT "*****Trivia*****"
20 INPUT "Where's Tokyo?";A$
30 LET J$="japan"
40 IF A$=J$ THEN PRINT "Well done!"
50 PRINT "Next question..."
60 INPUT "What month is Christmas?";A$
70 LET D$="december"
80 IF D$=A$ THEN PRINT "Fantastic!"
90 END

Run a QBasic version of the code here.

This actually compiles and works! Yes you don't get a running score or even response if you get a question wrong. But you do get a nice 'Well Done' and a 'Fantastic' if you do get the questions right, which at time was probably as good as it got.